NOPE! cycles Stockholm custom bicycle geometry design


A CAD Program for Custom Bikes

Building your own bike is probably the most rewarding of all bicycle-related quests. It's not only a fun and exciting activity in itself, but taking your very own bike for a ride with the local club never gets old.

While there are a number of CAD programs out there that can help you in the design process, all bikes at NOPE! cycles are designed using RoadBikeCAD, our own CAD program that we develop in-house.

How we use RoadBikeCAD

We're using RoadBikeCAD to:

  • Design custom road bike geometries using a fully parametric 2D model
  • Visually compare bike designs (up to 7 bikes in direct comparison)
  • Verify that designs are consistent and free of interference
  • Prepare bikes for production by exporting drawings and miter templates

Interested to Learn More?

Currently there is no public release of RoadBikeCAD, but we're always happy to demonstrate the software to interested customers. Get in touch for more information!