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Time And Time Again

by Moritz
25nd October 2017

Before I moved to Stockholm in the summer of 2015 I had only been to the city once. On arrival, I didn't know my way around town, let alone its outskirts, so I struggled for quite a while to get to the point where I could navigate Stockholm's cycling infrastructure without consulting Google Maps on each and every intersection.

One of the first rides I did during this time led me southwards towards Haninge, a small town 20 km from Stockholm city centre. The route I followed was a closed loop of about 40 km, almost entirely on smooth and broad bicycle lanes. Thus, it was perfect if I wanted to go for a solo ride, and I found myself coming back to this route over and over again.

Naturally, I grew tired of this ride after a while, especially once I had explored more of Stockholm's surroundings. However, I keep coming back to this route time and time again whenever I just quickly want to spin my legs and grab a cup of coffee on the way. And riding it always takes me back to the summer of 2015 when I was new to Stockholm.

Technically, the route is a round trip, so it shouldn't matter in which direction you start; however, I have a tendency to tackle the western part of the loop first, riding through Farsta towards Haninge. The reason is twofold: firstly, the eastern part of the loop has a couple of long, open stretches while the western part leads through more densely settled areas of town, and I'm just the kind of person who tends to save the best for last. Secondly, there's a nice café on the eastern part of the loop, which means that once you stop for a coffee, you're more than halfway through your ride already.

Which route do you come back to time and time again? Let us know by leaving a comment below or share your route by joining the NOPE! cycles cycling club on Strava.

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