Northern Rides

In this blog, we bring to you our favorite bike rides in and around Stockholm. Some are long and scenic weekend escapes, others are the exact opposite: short and crowded tours through the heart of the city. No matter if you're coming to Stockholm for a short visit or you know the city like the back of your hand, we hope this blog inspires you to go for a ride around town. If it does, make sure to drop us a line and share your ride by joining the NOPE! cycles cycling club on Strava.

  • Stockholm to Oerebro: There and back again July 25, 2018 During our summer vacation, Mariana and I packed our road bikes and went on a ten-day, 600 km bicycle tour from Stockholm to Örebro and back. Riding around Lake Mälaren and Hjälmaren, here’s what we found along the way. We departed from Stockholm at 9:00 a.m. sharp, northbound through the city’s endless suburbs. While we ... Read more
  • Time and Time Again October 25, 2017 southern Stockholm lakesideBefore I moved to Stockholm in the summer of 2015 I had only been to the city once. On arrival, I didn’t know my way around town, let alone its outskirts, so I struggled for quite a while to get to the point where I could navigate Stockholm’s cycling infrastructure without consulting Google Maps on ... Read more
  • Going Nowhere October 8, 2017 eastern Stockholm forest roadHistorically, Stockholm is a city of voyagers and traders, and its strategic importance is closely linked to its location at the bottleneck between lake Mälaren in the west—Sweden’s third-largest lake which extends well into the Swedish heartland—and the Baltic Sea in the east. While maritime trade is of minor interest to most modern-day Stockholmers, the ... Read more
  • Fourteen NorthernRides September 24, 2017 country road outside BristolI recently spent two weeks in Bristol (UK) to hone my skills as a frame builder and bike designer. Well, technically speaking, I spent most of my time about 50 km outside of Bristol in the small town of Frome, Somerset, which is home to The Bicycle Academy (TBA), a small business dedicated to making ... Read more
  • A Sunday Morning Ride September 12, 2017 Soeder Maelarstand StockholmFor this week’s #FortRide, I chose my favorite Sunday morning ride in the west of Stockholm. Totaling at around 90 km, the route is long enough to allow me to settle into a steady rhythm and a couple of interesting coffee shops along the way invite for a short (or extended) fika break. I usually start ... Read more
  • Nothing to ride home about August 15, 2017 To start off this series, I chose a ride that’s very special to me: my commute. Like most commutes it’s practical in nature; it’s as much an opportunity to spin my legs after a long day at the office as it’s a convenient source of base miles. Over the years, the route has changed quite ... Read more