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Cycling Frameworks

Designing the perfect road bike isn't rocket science—it's much more complicated than that. What makes bicycle design tricky is that it's not a straightforward optimization problem: building ever stiffer and ever lighter bikes simply isn't the same as building ever better ones—it's just much easier, especially on a mass-market scale.

To discuss what makes the perfect road bike, this blog deals with the frameworks of bicycle design. One at a time, we take a look at a wide range of topics, from material science and structural design to biomechanics, psychology and sourcing strategies.

To find out more, read the prologue.

  • Bicycle Design Part 1: What is Stiffness? December 15, 2018 stiffness coverWriting this article in 2018, it feels almost retrospective to pick up the topic of stiffness in bicycle frame design. You may remember how stiff became the new lightweight a couple of years ago, but then aero became the new stiff somewhere around 2016, and now it almost looks as if lightweight is going to ... Read more
  • A Responsible Sourcing Strategy for Bicycle Components April 14, 2018 Maps Marker IconA big part of my job is to source bicycle components from all over the world. Thus, I spend considerable amounts of time browsing manufacturer websites and talking to distributors. While this helps me to keep an overview of the latest developments in the market, the information I’m most interested in is often the most ... Read more
  • A Responsible Sourcing Strategy for Bicycle Components: Complete Data Set April 14, 2018 Maps Marker IconTake a look at the complete data set for the blog post “A Responsible Sourcing Strategy for Bicycle Components”, including all countries of economic relevance. Read more
  • Prologue: The Paradox of Bicycle Design October 17, 2017 southern Stockholm forest roadLet’s be clear about one thing right from the start: there’s no such thing as a perfect road bike. What makes a comfortable bike for me might be impossible to ride for you. What feels overly stiff to me might have exactly the kind of responsiveness you’re looking for. And that paint job over there: ... Read more