I'm Moritz, and NOPE! cycles is the trade name I use for my one-man-band bicycle company in Stockholm, Sweden.

Officially, NOPE! cycles was founded in 2017, but—as in all good founder stories—the idea of running my own bicycle company has been around for much longer. I love the peace and quiet that comes with riding my bike, and I love the beauty and simplicity of well-designed bicycles. So riding and designing bikes all day every day always sounded pretty good to me.

I designed my first bike CAD model back in 2009 when I was an undergrad engineering student. Since then, I finished my bachelor's, moved on to a master's in spacecraft engineering, worked on fixing broken wind power drives, started a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at KTH in Stockholm (ongoing) and learned how to build bicycles at The Bicycle Academy (UK).

Today, I'm still designing bikes and I love riding them more than I ever have. Cycling has become a way of life for me and I'm passionate about its environmental and societal benefits. This strongly affects the way I design my bikes: they are built to last, from components that are sourced carefully.

I do a lot of research into the environmental, societal and economic impact of every component, bike brand, and supplier I can get my hands on. And advising my customers on ethical and sustainable choices of bike gear is an important part of what I do. I don't ride the marketing train and I deeply believe that road cycling needs to support the people who make it happen—those building bikes and those painting frames, those sewing jerseys and those fixing derailleurs.

Finally, NOPE! cycles wouldn't be the same without Mariana who supports me as an editor and photographer. She's a great help in running the business, and the reason I usually say we rather than I.

See you on the road